How Much Sugar?

Sugar Guides

Each of these guides is a comprehensive listing of foods and their sugar contents.  Each one contains a significant sample of the most popular foods in that category.

They also usually include a list of the ten lowest sugar examples and the ten highest sugar examples in each category.

Nobody's perfect (nup, not even me), so be sure to tell me if you find any mistakes in a guide.

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The 2016 Australian Sugar Free Shopper's Guide

The 2014 North American Sugar Free Shopper's Guide

The 2014 British Sugar Free Shopper's Guide

The 2014 Australian Sugar Free Shopper's Guide

2014 Update to the Australian Breads Guide

2013 Update to the Australian Ice-Cream Guide

2013 Update to Cereals Guide

Condiments Part One - Sauces

Subway in Australia


Breakfast Cereals


Lite n' Easy Meals





Fruits and Berries

chocolate icecream.JPG

Australian Ice Creams (2009)

Cracker Biscuits.jpg

Australian Cracker Biscuits (2009)


McDonalds' Australian Menu (2009)


The handy purse and wallet sized guide to sugars

Muesli Bars.jpg

Australian Muesli Bars (2008)


Australian Sweet Biscuits (2008)


Australian Yoghurts (2008)


If you're sick of trying to wade through the shop bought stuff to find low-sugar options, you can always make your own.

Check out the Recipe section!

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