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  • 04 Jan 2016 5:09 PM
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    I would just like to introduce myself and let you know that I started this journey on the 1st January with my 19 year old daughter. We were going to do a detox and then we watched the sugar movie and it was an eye opener. Since then we have been reading everything we can. Some information is a little conflicting but I am hoping these forums will be able to help us when we need to clarify things. During the past few days we have experienced headaches and problems sleeping we understand this is normal can anyone tell me how this lasted for them. Also in David's book he says that you can't substitute glucose in your cooking until you are totally sugar free how do you know when this is? Thanks

  • 10 Jan 2019 7:22 PM
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    Hi David ,

    love what your doing, just one problem having trouble getting into the recipes love cooking them . Just wondering if you can help 

    Cheers Katrina.

  • 11 Jan 2019 3:45 AM
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    I presume you have read some of David's books? In one of them he mentions that sugar is addictive. So you're dealing with an addiction. Like smoking or alcohol addiction you need to develop some strategies to get you through the cold-turkey phase.  Here are some ideas, gleaned from my experience with smoking:

    1. Get rid of all the temptations in the house - the chocolate, sweets, sugar, syrup, honey, jam etc. Use your imagination. 
    2. When the urge to indulge yourself (aka give in) occurs, distract yourself: walk around the block,  busy yourself, with an absorbing activity, phone a friend, go shopping (but not for groceries) - use your imagination.  The urge usually doesn't last long, especially when you are distracted.
    3. Do not dwell on your deprivation. Instead visualize yourself as free, slim, healthy, happy.  
    4. Read affirming articles and books. Check David's chapter in "Sweet Poison Quit Plan" on going cold turkey and the notes on p245ff.
    5. When food shopping use David's lists of "good" and "Bad" alternatives. Avoid processed food as far as possible and especially anything with more than 2% "sugars". Yoghurt is OK to 7%. Keep away from low-fat yoghurts.
    6. Keep a food diary for two weeks and use David's tables to work out your fructose consumption. This is a great motivator.
    7. Use sweeteners for coffee etc, but check his list of goodies & baddies. I use Stevia, which is plant based and (I think) harmless. Ch4, p169ff.
    8. Keep reminding yourself about your goal - FREEDOM! It's a GREAT feeling when you finally realize that you are no longer a addict or a victim.

    Check in here for discussion of your experience and support from fellow freed slaves :-) Above all DON"T GIVE UP!

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