How Much Sugar?

Starting out

  • 04 Sep 2019 3:14 AM
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    this year following some stressful years of ageing parents I am on a search for what makes me go at my best.

    i stopped alcohol at the start of the year which is one piece of the puzzle, food is next. I have ordered the sweet poison book and recipes and have decided I will keep a food diary for a month. This might might make me more conscious while I get my head round the books, and cutting out obvious sugars. 

    As others have said I eat healthily but know it can be better and I want lose weight. 

    The company of others might help me keep on track


  • 24 Sep 2019 8:10 AM
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    16 days in I have got several red spots on my face, no weight loss but quite a change in diet. Testing out recipes. Everyone enjoyed tuna casserole. Next is bread making and sugar free granola. Feeling much more solid, less anxiety and calm. Headaches and feeling off color lasted two weeks. 

    Haven’t started food diary but reading labels and discussing food choices with my husband who is chief cook and bottle washer. 


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