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100 days on and going strong

  • 02 Aug 2016 1:26 AM
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    Well, I can't say it has been easy, but after the first 8 weeks I was completely fine.  Even prior to that what with headaches, nausea, abdominal upset, flu-like symptoms - I stuck with it.  Mainly, I think, becuase I didn't want to go through this discomfort again. -Weight-loss is slow and steady and heading in the right direction. Have just purchased David's "Real Food Cook Bookänd have made the Sourdough starter (day 4 so far).  Best thing is that I'm not hungry anymore whereas in the past if I was being careful with my diet I was constantly thinking about food and never feeling full. Happy days.  David, you are a legend!

  • 10 Jul 2018 7:22 AM
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    Congrats :) did you lose weight steadily each week? I’ve lost weight the first 3 weeks but this last week I gained half a kilo :( I’m quite worried about that.

    Is the real food cook book different to the Sweet Poison Quit Plan cookbook? 

    I haven’t noticed being less hungry yet - when did you first notice that?

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