How Much Sugar?

Is there an Oyster sauce brand that is OK for sugar?

  • 15 Oct 2016 9:56 PM
    Message # 4307520

    Eat Real Food page 301-302 has

    Ayam or Squid Brand Fish Sauce, and Empower Foods LC Satay (with sucralose).

    Are there any brands of Oyster Sauce that work?

    They are mostly water, sugar and oyster extract.

    The best I could find at my local Colesworth was even worse than what I bought.

    Thai MegaChef

    45% oyster

    20% purified water

    15 % sugar

    15 % salt

    Corn starch 5%

    acetic acid

    potassium sorbate

    I should probably return this too...



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