How Much Sugar?

Still concerned that I'm not completely sugar Free

  • 01 Oct 2012 10:11 PM
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    I'm concerned that I'm not as completely sugar free as I thought when I go to the supermarket, I check the Nutrition panels on everything I buy to avoid having sugar but I think there maybe hidden sugar getting in to my diet, I limit my fruit intake to 1 piece a day, I have wheat free toast for breakfast or plain yoghurt with Uncle Toby's Weeties, Arnotts Sesame Wheat biscuits for Morning Tea, lunch is wheat free bread, lettuce, boiled egg, ham sandwiches with my piece of fruit either Pear or apple, evening meal is Chicken, Lamb Steak or fish with veggies and If I feel like something sweet then I have a handful of  the Wonka Gobstoppers.  If I feel like having a Fizzy drink then I have plain Soda Water/Mineral WaterI haven't lost any weight and I my feeling of fullness hasn't appeared, I have been trying to be sugar free since February 2012, am I doing something wrong?

    Can someone give me guidance?

  • 03 Oct 2012 11:18 PM
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    Hi..I don't know what Wonka Gobstoppers are but they sound like they are sweet....too much glucose can stop you losing weight...I have been on this 3 weeks and have lost 750 grams, but more important, I feel better, like my body shape is changing.
    It is hard to know what you are doing wrong as everything else sounds find. I made a cake with dextrose today and made sure after I had a slice I waited for the appetite control to step in before I had any more because it was very yummy.
    I now can't eat lunch because I am full from the slice of cake so hopefully it will work for you soon.
  • 04 Oct 2012 12:22 AM
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    Deleted user
    Hi again..I just saw that the lollypops have dextrose to sweeten them. You may not be losing weight because dextrose is still high in calories. You should use dextrose in food as a treat now and then.
    Stay off dextrose for a week and see what happens, that may help. Good luck...and I hope I have helped in some way.
  • 14 Oct 2012 10:00 PM
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    I've been basically sugar free for 15 months.  Went back onto sugar one day last Xmas and at a birthday party, both when I thought I couldn't say no to the host's food.  Interesting thing was that I didn't enjoy the sugar hit (it was SO sickly sweet!) and later experienced the worst migraine and feeling ill - probably withdrawal again.    It has taken awhile but now all my friends know and accept my choice, and these days I say no, and do not miss those sugar treats one little bit.  (And I used to be such a sugarholic - 5 teaspoons in my coffee, and chocolate - well!)

    I've lost over 9 kilos.  It has been a slow weight loss, but a sure one.  And now that I have my head around this new way of eating, I expect to lose another 2 to 3 kilos by Xmas.

    Lost first 3 kgs very quickly, then the weight loss slowed and slowed and then I became very frustrated as I thought that I must be doing something wrong.....

    I then remembered David's advice about listening to your body, eat when you are hungry etc.  So that night I looked at the meal portion I had served up for myself and realised that it was actually still the same size that I used to have before going sugar free.  I halved the meal, and for breakfast the next morning I had just water and a whole orange.  I then did not eat until lunchtime by which time I was very hungry, but I had only a small amount of food, and then a little more, and stopped when I felt "satisfied" but not overfull, or even full.

    Now this is probably not a great idea to do every day.  However, I am really pleased that I did this.  The reason is that it gave me the chance to feel what it is like to be really empty, then I felt what it was like to be not completely empty, and then half full, etc etc.  I got in touch with all the feelings associated with different levels of empty to full.  I realised that even though I had not been getting cravings, I was still eating by habit and the clock, rather than "feel".   Now I know the level to aim for when I eat.  (By the way, I would NEVER have been able to do this little exercise when I was on sugar as my brain would have been SCREAMING sugar sugar LOL!  Gosh its nice to have these control mechanisms working properly!)

    So I don't know if this will help get things moving for others, but it may be worth trying. 

    Our grocery bill has reduced by one-third, which has been nice.  My fridge and pantry are so much emptier, cleaner.   All this has spinoffs too.  My life is so less cluttered and I am now decluttering other aspects of my life!  Wonderful!

    Good luck and don't lose heart!  Try getting in touch with your fuel gauge a little more perhaps, and then try swapping foods around to see what works.  (For me, I have to watch out that I don't fill up with too much cheese, and nuts do not work for me.  I have also found a sugar free light rye sourdough bread which works well.)  Without sugar, you are in the driving seat!


    PS  David's third book BIG FAT LIES is even better and just as life-changing.  Wish you all the very best in your new life!

  • 17 Oct 2012 11:43 PM
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    Hi Gail,

    I just loved reading your post. It's very inspirational.

    I have been sugar free for 2 months now, I don't think I have lost any weight and I think iniatally, I put weight on at first as I was eating a lot of cheese and nuts, which I love and wouldn't allow myself to have when I was on the "Low Fat" regime. I don't weigh myself as I feel that is also destructive and I can get a bit obsessed with the whole weighing thing.

    I am so glad I don't have sugar cravings any more and all those cakes biscuits etc really don't interest me now.

    I am hanging in there and I will certainly try your method of eating and getting in touch will my fullness feelings and see how that works. 



  • 01 Mar 2013 12:07 AM
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    Hi All
    Thank goodness we have this forum,It helps to get me back into line ( I hope ) I was sugar free most of last year, then christmas came and I snuck little bits here and there sweet wine etc, I found the weight came back really quickly, and I had a bloated stomach which was quite uncomfortable,( I am not trying to lose weight, just be healthier and consist with my weight, I am sick of Gaining a kilo losing 1/2 a kilo in a week ) then Feb, went on a cruise, and tried to stick to sugar free which wasnt to hard as alot of the cookies and sweets they made were sugar free, but it was the cocktails that got me, !!!! and now I am struggling to get back of sugar, I am so angry with my self, today i had Maccas, and a macaroon and now I have a headache !! the one reason I stopped having sugar was I suffer from migraines although they still happened, even when I wasnt having sugar, but I felt 100% better off sugar, Now I have to get my head in the right space again which I am finding hard! but reading Gails inspirational story I am AM HOPING it will set me back on track,
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