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  • 23 Jul 2013 4:33 AM
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    Hi, I would like to try to make some couscous with lemon and with mixed roast vegies.  Does anyone know if there is fructose in couscous, or a brand which may be better.  We tasted it at a barbeque that we attended, and it tasted lovely.  I thought we may be able to have it for our main meal.


  • 23 Jul 2013 7:28 PM
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    cous cous is lovely when made right.  Basically cous cous is a type of pasta (made form semolina), and all you need to do is read the packet and soak the cous cous in stock or boiling water then get a fork and fluff it up, quite easy to make.  Cous Cous doesn't contain any fructose the only sugar would be the extra ingredients you mix in with it, some recipes call for sultanas which of course you don't want to put in, but there are heaps of lovely recipes out there!  Brand, hmmm not really sure I just go by the well known brands, I think San Remo.  Just check the packet instructions when making it.
  • 23 Jul 2013 8:07 PM
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    Thanks Janelle,  We are going to try some couscous soon.  When I go shopping, I find so many foods with hidden sweeteners.  Our weight is going up and down, but our waist measurements are slowly decreasing.  I think we may go from a weekly weigh in to a fortnightly and then a monthly.  I wish I had known about David's book earlier, before I started to get my chronic problems.  One thing I notice is that my memory has improved, and apart from a little insomnia, I am feeling great with more energy.  Thanks for all the support.
  • 23 Jul 2013 8:58 PM
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    The other thing I use for a very similar salad is Quinoa(pronounced keenwa), it has more flavour than couscous. It has a slightly nutty flavour and is delicious used to make a tabouli with lots of lemon juice and parsley. Or you could put in the roast veges and make your own egg mayonnaise or ceasar dressing which is really simple and put a dollop of that on.

    We are in to week 4 and for the first 3 weeks I managed to put on weight, I am pleased to report that I have just lost some, not much but its a start. My husband on the other hand has lost about 3 kg. Its great looking on the website and getting lots of ideas and support. Good luck

  • 23 Jul 2013 10:11 PM
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    funny you should mention quinoa, I'm having that tonight for dinner, feta and walnut with my chicken
  • 25 Jul 2013 3:42 AM
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    I googled Quinoa and found that it is a seed.  It sounds nice and I might try some as filling with roast capsicum with some garlic vegies, nuts, and bit of feta and brown rice.   These are the sort of foods that I love, but my husband is starting to feel he is eating too much birdseed, though he will eat it if he doesn't have to cook.   We are both doing well with new food habits, and great ideas from everyone.

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