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  • 05 Sep 2010 11:46 PM
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    Hello Everyone

    I have received my book though havent read it thoroughly I must say I have been a little confused and like in my message earlier I am just going to try and eat wholesome foods and no sugar.

    I buy the diabeties magazine and I must say I feel it is leading people up the wrong path I cant understand that if you are a diabetic that you can still have sugar ????????????????  I also noticed in this months magazine that they say bacon and other sausages arent good for you to eat because of a preservative in it and yet in the recipe section they still use it ( how confusing is that)

    David I have also read parts of "Changing Habits" and they seem to use sugars that you dont advise to, have you read that book at all? and what are your thoughts on it. Also the liver cleansing book do you have any thoughts on that.

    Is it ok to use tomatoes out of a tin as long as it is low in sugar? 

    It seems I am full of questions today another thing in your book there seems to be a lot of sweet recipes and very few savoury recipes, should we be trying not to have as much sweet things.

    Anyways I think that is enough from me, as they say ever onwards



  • 07 Sep 2010 5:21 AM
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    Debra ... last question first: lots of sweets and no savoury because sweets are the things people miss going sugar free - so I didn't inlcude things like bacon and eggs etc purely for that reason, it doesn't mean you cant (or shouldn't) eat them ... that being said, Penguin are now talking about a possible full recipe book (for all meal types) ... so stayed tuned on that front :-) ... I'll come back in a separate post on your other questions ...



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