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Trip to Sizzlers

  • 08 Sep 2010 1:13 AM
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am going to visit my daughter tomorrow for a couple of days and she wants to take me to Sizzlers, what should I have.  I know they have heaps of salads but what about the mayo etc which is in these.  Also I guess the soups would be ok.  I'll just have to be very selective. I know they have water available so that solves the drink problem.

    Cheers Margaret



  • 17 Sep 2010 2:25 AM
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    I've just joined so I think you may have already to Sizzler but I'd suggest taking a little container of mayonnaise from home.

    I have a little stock of decor containers (they come in two sizes - 15ml & 100 ml ... I think) and I take those types of things with me.

    I am still in the process of reading the "Sweet Poison Quit Plan" and I'm sure I read in there somewhere saying a phrase like "I am fructose intolerant and unless I have a look at the ingredients list and NIP of your mayonnaise I am afraid I might have an adverse reaction to it" ... let them figure out what that means.

    I've seen some odd thngs in restaurants that have nothing to do with nutrition and watching ones health ... I recall a pompus man talking to the waiter as if he were dim explaining the need for red wine to breath, only to scoff a glass as soon as the poor waiter left - neither the wine or the diner actually breathed - lol!



    P.S. If I am incorrect in recalling the "fructose intolerant" phrase please correct me and accept my apologies for misquoting ...

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  • 17 Sep 2010 9:06 PM
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    Thanks for that Alison.  We ended up not going to Sizzler after all (not enough time, had to pick up the grandies from school) so just had a huge potato from the Bucking Bull with chopped up pork and loads (and I mean LOADS) of sour cream, was yummy going down but all that cream made me feel sick, won't make that mistake again, should not have eaten it all I know.

    Your suggestion of taking a container of mayo is a good one and I'll do that next time not that I go out to eat very often as we live in the country and I only go to town occasionally.

    Best of luck with your progress.




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