How Much Sugar?

Post Baby Weight

  • 09 Sep 2010 9:12 AM
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    Hi David,

    Read sweet poison when it first came out and tried numerous attempts at cutting sugar - kept relapsing etc. Now after reading the Quit Plan I finally feel like I have conquered my addiction - so a huge thank-you for your work!! Also had the light bulb moment that I was eating sugar when I was feeling down - but it was the addiction to it in the first place causing that feeling!

    I have a 6.5month old buba and I have been sugar free for 6 weeks now. Unfortunatley I haven't lost any weight this time around (past attempts i lost weight really easily). I stopped breast feeding at four months and steadily put on 3kilos in 3weeks and that is when I decided to give the sugar free life another go. I immediately stopped putting on weight but seems strange that haven't lost any.

    Spoke to my Doctor > she is checking my thyroid etc. but I dont have any other symptoms related to hypothyroidism.

    Just wondering if you think post baby hormones might have something to do with it? Changes in oestrogen etc? Any others out their who have experienced something similar?

    I probably just need to be more patient. I absolutely feel a lot better, so Im trying to focus on my achievements and good health - but gee some weight loss would be nice! I can't afford a whole new wardrobe and muffin-top was so last season :)




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