How Much Sugar?


  • 10 Sep 2010 2:36 AM
    Message # 416215

    I have been sugar free for over a month now (so has my husband!) we were never sweet tooths (only chocolate!) so don't miss it much and everything tastes so good!  Both of us are losing weight around the middle and feeling fine.

    Over the last 5 years I personally, have had a struggle to balance my diet, which is basically a very healthy one.   I have Menieres disease so was already following a low salt diet to help prevent attacks.  Needless to say it was always a struggle to find any suitable foods as my salt level has to be under 120mg per 1000gr - I never buy anything processed but not many foods in the supermarket are this low in salt..   Now I have become the sugar/salt Police, and read every label before I buy! So far I have managed to juggle everything quite easily, and try most of the recipes with success and have also adapted some of my own old recipes to using dextrose - we like a bickie with our cup of tea!.  I am now trying to convert the rest of my family, who are at the "but I don't eat much sugar stage"

    Many thanks David,  we listen to you often talking to Greg Carey, keep up the good work!

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