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  • 10 Sep 2010 5:51 PM
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    David, I read on the forum this morning that you are sometimes on 4BC with Greg Cary. I went to the 4BC sight and found the debate with the representative from the Heart Foundation. I recommend people listen to it while it is on the site.

    I then followed links on the 4BC to your Blog-site and then to your Facebook page. I didn't know either existed! Is there a link on this forum to those other sites? Information is the key and the more we have the better.

    I appreciated the extra information, both the personal stories on Facebook and the research on your blog entries. It is also enlightening to see your stoush with the Heart Foundation, particularly in light of what the American Heart Association is now saying.

    I have been off sugar for 7 weeks after chancing across an interview you did on the ABC in Brisbane. I don't live in QLD but was checking out the ABC "Conversations" website when I saw your interview.

    As an overweight 50 plus year old I am annoyed that I only found out about your information on the dangers of sugar by accident; but as I walk through the supermarket, or any food store, I wonder about how much of our food economy is tied to sugar. The economic impact on the food sector would be enormous if the whole of Australia went sugar free. I wonder how much pressure there is to keep your opinions marginalised.

    On a personal note; I haven't noticed any weight reduction over the last 7 weeks. My doctor (and I) wants to see a downward movement on the graph of my weight gains over the last 15 years (about 13 kg) he so helpfully showed me on my last visit. I have noticed a change in my appetite but am pretty good at ignoring the signals and continuing to graze on a variety of sugar free foods. I suspect I am going to have to apply the sugar free discipline to a low carb routine for a few weeks to see a noticeable weight reduction.

     Thanks again for your efforts in getting this message out to Australians. I have had no influence on family or work colleagues. I think they want to see results first!




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  • 22 Sep 2010 7:06 PM
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    good point about cross-linking stuff Ian -- I'm really a bit of an amateur at all this stuff, but I proimise I'll get better - I do however make a point of linking to everything I'm doing at the bottom of the home page on ... thanks for the support!



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