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  • 12 Feb 2017 6:37 AM
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    Hi Everyone,

    Just looking for a bit of support! I am 5 days in and struggling with withdrawal - very tired and VERY grumpy! and hungry all the time. Did not expect to have symptoms as didn't think I was that addicted - I didn't really have soft drinks or much chocolate/sweets during the day but I think I didn't realise that it was in everything!!!

    I believe I can do it but struggling with the evenings particularly as I always had some comfort food when watching TV!


  • 13 Feb 2017 3:25 AM
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    Here are a few ideas to deal with the "habituation".

    1. Clear out your kitchen of everything containing more than 2% "sugars", including ingredients such as sugar, syrup, honey, jams, sauces, mayonnaise, soft drinks, ice cream and so on. You'll find substitutes in this forum.
    2. Make a list of all the "trigger" situations that make you want to eat "comfort food".
    3. When they occur, distract yourself by moving away and doing something enjoyable like having a drink of water, washing your face, walking around the garden, phoning a friend . . . . .  use your imagination! The craving usually only lasts for a few minutes.
    4. Keep a diary of the times you were tempted, what you did to distract yourself, how it worked out.
    5. Note your progress daily. Congratulate and reward yourself with a non-sugary-food treat.
    6. Find a friend with whom you can share your journey. Especially if they are also quitting sugar. You can encourage and reward each other.
    7. Keep reminding yourself that you are NOT on a diet. You are adopting a new way of life.
    8. Make a list of the advantages of being free of sugar and tick each one off as you become aware of the change.
    9. Read and re-read these lists to reinforce your resolve.
    10. Above all, be kind to yourself. If you fall over, just get up and carry on without judging yourself.

    Keep us informed by posting your progress here :-) Good luck!


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