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Struggling a bit

  • 05 Dec 2010 2:24 AM
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    I have been doing sugar free for two months now.  I wanted to get the health benefits, but also want desperately to lose the weight I have been carrying.  I lost two kilos in the first few weeks, but since then, I just go up and down by one kilo.  It has been a massive change for me, and I can't believe I am not really losing weight.
    The annoying part is, that when I have done WW in the past, I would always lose weight with no problems.  I know though, that it is not the best solution, especially for long-term weight. 
    I know minimizing fructose is a great health thing to do, but I guess because I can't actually see health benefits, and I can see the weight not moving.....I'm struggling!!!!!

  • 05 Dec 2010 4:46 AM
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    Hi Sarah,
    I know how you feel!!  I started this way of eating on the 28th July.  I lost 2kg within the first fortnight and I thought it was great!  It's now just over 4 mths and i have lost 4kgs.  From 80.3kg to 76.3kg. It's not a huge amount of weight, but, I am now figuring that it averages out to a kilo a month and in 12mths, i'll be 12kg lighter. I know you can add that up!!  But, the best thing i love about it is that i am eating real cheese, drinking real milk, spreading yummy butter on my food and i definately don't have any cravings!  i don't miss sugar at all, but i must admit, that i am not really a sugarholic anyway.  I still eat fish & chips and take away occasionally, but i actually don't even order as much as i used to, i get fuller, quicker!! I still drink a few bourbons everynight with my Pepsi Max.  The one last thing i'd like to mention is that i play tennis on a Tues, midweek ladies, and i do find it hard to say no to the desserts that the ladies prepare.  So i was indulging and i couldn't believe it, but every Tuesday night, i had this massive headache, sometimes I just have to put up with the headache!! (the desserts are worth it!!)
    Anyway, i'm sticking with it, i feel great.
  • 06 Dec 2010 3:53 PM
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    Hi Sarah

    My weight loss has been minimal too, but I know why this is. I'm enjoying my carbs too much. Perhaps this is something you could check in your own diet?

    It's been so nice to have pasta, bread, etc back in my diet that I've gone a bit crazy with them.

    Hope this helps


  • 06 Dec 2010 4:16 PM
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    Another thought is.... to make sure you get a little bit hungry between meals... or if you do, get a  little bit more hungry, this might mean eating a little bit less at each meal to ensure that some definite hunger is occurring before you eat again. I'm intrigued by getting more accurate hunger signals now the sugar is gone.   I sometimes get too hungry...and feel like I'm going insane with low blood sugar sensations, can't think straight, can't focus, and then I know I've pushed too far... you don't need to suffer!
  • 22 Feb 2011 9:47 PM
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    Hi all, I too am struggling, but seem to have found my problem, bread & pasta. I have cut back on bread, to one slice per day, if that, plus have been having one small wrap per day. I have cut out pasta, but am having rice & have been trying to cut back on that too, (the amount I eat).
    I started out the 1st week of Sept 2010, & by xmas eve had lost 6.6 kilos. I too was eating all those things, and I put back on almost 4 kilos, but have now gone back to my low fat & low carb, and am showing good results.
    I started out at 111.4, went down to 104, then back up to about 107.4. I have been fluctuating since Xmas, but with a bit of fine tuning, am now back down to 106.8.  Seem to be going down a little each day.
    Remember, people, everybody's bodies are not all equal. What works for me isn't necessarily going to work for you.
    So keep on fine tuning, I have to lose another 46 kilos. Hope it's sooner, rather than later!

    and above all
    Keep on spreading the Love
    Silver Angel
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