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Tummy bug

  • 19 Dec 2010 5:10 PM
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    Good morning all

    I have just recovered from a dreadful tummy bug called Helobacter Pylori (won't go into the grisly details) but my reason for posting this information is that I have been on this programme for five months and not lost an ounce and getting very unhappy.  Anyway was feeling "off" and to cut a long story short had a blood test and this was the result.  Looked it up on the net and I had all the symptoms, one of which is weight gain.  I believe I have had it for about six months and it had just got worse as these things do if untreated.

    Just finished a weeks intensive treatment (four pills morning and night) and am feeling my old self again and really looking forward to my weight starting to drop.  I am very proud of myself in that all throughout I maintained my sugar free lifestyle so wish me luck.

    Cheers Margaret

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