How Much Sugar?

I love my Thermomix

  • 02 Mar 2011 10:51 PM
    Message # 537483
    Hi All,
    There are just somethings that defy description, but I thought I would get you thinking about a Thermomix machine.  Its only been a week since I have had one but it has made this whole sugar-free world even more achievable.  As posted before, my family's main gripe with the sugar-free lifestyle was missing their Juice Boost - you know that so called healthy franchise of drinks that contain as much as 63g of sugar in the form of sorbet, juice etc.  With the thermomix we have our daily fruit allocation after dinner in a beautifully blended sorbet or frappe. in about 30 secs.  We do pineapple, mango, passionfruit and orange blended within an inch of its life with ice. Serves four of us and equates to less than once piece of fruit each. Tastes better than Juice Boost.  But I could do this in a blender?  NO WAY! This machine blends like a professional vitamix.  It also can mill grains, knead bread, chop a salad (carrot, beetroots, herbs etc) in 2 secs, blend hummus is 20 secs. and COOK your thai chicken curry!  Imagine the possibilities or processing your own food without SUGAR!  I am feeling so energetic with this fresh food that I have cleaned the whole house this morning! Ok, so they cost just under $2000 but we have been sugar free for over 9 months now and I have saved a fortune on sugary foods (eg. juice boosts!) dropped my gym membership and sacked the cleaner.  Google thermomix to find out more, you can only buy them from home demonstrators and they come to your house and demo for your friends with no obligation.
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