How Much Sugar?

Cocoa versus cacao

  • 17 Nov 2018 12:05 AM
    Message # 6911411

    So I discovered today after being on my sugar diet four 4-5 months, that I have been using vanilla extract instead of vanilla essence when baking from the sweet poison recipe book. That explains why I’ve been craving those muffins and brownies and ice cream. The only one I didnt crave was the homemade choc which doesn’t use vanilla. So I am glad now that I’ve found that out, and can continue on my journey to better health.

    It did make me wonder if I’m using the right other ingredients though. I use cocoa powder like it says in the recipe book - just Woolworths homebrand cocoa powder. But i was unable to find the cocoa butter needed for making the chocolate, so I use cacao butter instead. I’ve googled it and it seems that both kinds of butter are ok, but I thought I’d check here to make sure. Is cacao butter ok in replacement of cocoa butter?

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