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Rapadura sugar

  • 03 Dec 2013 11:31 PM
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    Deleted user

    Hi David, could you tell me about Rapadura sugar, it is being used a lot as a healthy alteranative. Would you let me know your opinion

    Thank you Jenny

  • 04 Dec 2013 2:30 AM
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    This is from the Wikipedia article:

    Panela (Spanish pronunciation: [pa╦łnela]) is unrefined whole cane sugar, typical in Central and Latin America, which is basically a solid piece of glucose and fructose obtained from the boiling and evaporation of sugarcane juice.[citation needed] It is known by various other names in different regions of the world. It is called piloncillo in Mexico, where the word "panela" is used for a cheese: Queso Panela. Jaggery is a similar product in other parts of the world. Unrefined cane sugar is also known as raspadura.

    I suggest you forget it.

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