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Allergy and peanuts

  • 11 Jan 2016 8:24 PM
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    One of the least known pieces of information is that Merck`s use of peanut oil as an adjuvant for vaccinations in the early days.My words here are not about that debate, but to request that the Australian government ask the manufacturers to label ALL the ingredients of vaccines.Like the oils, we do not know what is in them.The debate rages but no doctor here would know what is in them either ,unless revealed by the the companies,they are not labeled as they are not claimed active substances.This is a hidden oil and disastrous for children with peanut allergies, and they will be  unaware of their first contacts, being put into the muscle.I am not qualified at  anything, but being  a mum .I just read loads, when I have had children with peculiar allergies.The Peanut Allergy Epidemic  Heather Fraser`s.

    The Doctor Within, Dr.Tim O, Shea book even says some antibiotic drugs contain excipients derived from peanut oil.It looks like a penicillin reaction but it could also be a peanut issue .In 1973 the American government regulators decided that vaccine manufacturers no longer had to label peanut excipients in vaccines  so pediatricians,parents ,politicians could no longer avoid peanut excipients with safety from the label.

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