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HELP - New to Sweet Poison & I'm gaining weight !

  • 22 Jan 2012 8:15 PM
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    Hi everyone

    Can anyone help me with some advice please !

    I read both of Davids books about 3 weeks ago now and I have been 1000% sugar free for the last 2 weeks, however during this period I have gained about 2.5kgs, I am wondering if this is normal?

    I can guarantee that I have been extremely diligent to ensure that I have not had even 1 ounce of sugar, however I have to admit my fat and Carb count has probably increased.

    I would really appreciate any help or advice.


    Paul :)
  • 24 Jan 2012 3:57 AM
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    Welcome to the forum, Paul, sorry you've gained. I think you rather answered your own question there!!  Try upping the amount of protein you eat, as this will help keep you feeling fuller for a longer period. I think you've been compensating a bit.....I remember feeling ravenous when I first started, and was eating everything in sight that wasn't nailed down!!   I believe it has something to do with how much weight you actually have to lose, too. I've lost 19 kilos, but still have another 20 - 30 to go, I lost quite well at first, then settled down to losing about a kilo a month, while still fluctuating a bit......I'm stuck at the moment, and trying to cut back on my carbs, but finding it very hard. Harder than giving up fructose was. But it was only a few short weeks after I started that I was aware that my appetite control was kicking in, was ecstatic.....

    So, just try that, and see how you go for a week, try to keep the potatoes and bread down to a manageable ratio!!  Ditch the white rice and cook brown, I find I eat less of the brown, and it takes longer to chew, so that's a good thing, as you then feel more satisfied. You have to cook the brown for 25 - 30 minutes, but it's worth it, oh, yes, cut back on the pasta, otherwise just keep up what you're doing and up the protein, eg  meat, fish, chicken, lamb, eggs......and nibble on almonds rather than crisps, or maybe some popcorn. at night.

    I wish you well on your low fructose journey.


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