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Ever wondered whether Corn Flakes contain more sugar than Weeties?  Or which yoghurt has the least sugar?  Or which muesli bar is best to feed to the Kids?

How Much Sugar? is a site dedicated to answering questions like that.  But we don't stop there.  We also dig into alternatives to eating sugar, publish an ever-expanding range of sugar free recipes and get to the bottom of the current research on sugar and sugar alternatives.

A message from me:

Thousands of people have now read my book on the evils of sugar, Sweet Poison and almost every single one of them has asked for more information on exactly how to live a sugar free life.

This site is where I publish the detailed work I have done on sugar (that no publisher in their right mind would have let me put in Sweet Poison).

Here you'll find:

Unfortunately (despite popular belief to the contrary), being a world famous author doesn't make you rich, so I need to charge you for much of the content on this site.  I try to keep those charges reasonable and am always happy to hear your comments about whether you think you are getting value for money.



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"What's impressive about Sweet Poison is that Gillespie turns complex research on what happens to food inside our body and its relation to weight gain into a good read."  
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